Here is some recent feedback from fellow citizens (who asked to remain anonymous) about Fairborn issues and my 3-part “citizen forum” article:


*The city over-ran the Revitalization Committees and the Citizens Street Committee before that.  It’s true that they can’t (or won’t) let a REAL citizens group take shape!  Then they wonder why no one wants to be involved!? 


*Sounds like everyone at those forums can’t decide if this is Skid Row and we need a homeless shelter or if we are Oakwood!  Someone suggested a “youth center with restaurants”??  Depending on the source, Fairborn City Schools has a student poverty rate of 54.3% and between 33%-60% of all students are eligible for free/reduced meal programs!  What kind of “restaurants” could these youth possibly support?  Looney tunes!


*I heard they want to demolish Skyway Plaza for some “development”?  With those apartments across the street?  What developer in their right mind would want to be near that perpetual crime scene?  Until the city puts a firm lid on the scum factor in town- no one is developing anything here. 

*(Almost forgot this one and it is a GREAT point) How about instead of worrying about building a community center to feed, clothe and care for our impoverished, the city government focus on some BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT so the impoverished can find gainful employment and buy their OWN food, clothing and services?   


Thanks for the e-mails/calls folks!


Another funny thing at the Citizens Forum that I forgot to mention was Mayor Dan and City Manager Deb trying to assure the crowd that there were "many" developers "interested" in Fairborn.  Good ole' Deb rattled off every industry from atom-splitting to zoot suit manufacturing.  When asked for specific business names, well, now, dontcha know these are the super-secret developers who don't like their names used.  That is probably because they are in the Witness Protection Program!  Hmmm... potential businesses that can't bear to have their name linked with our town?  Doesn't sound too promising, eh?


So how do most of Deb's assurances pan out?


Well, it's been almost 14 months since....


--News Center 7’s Yuna Lee talked to Fairborn City Manager "Deborah McDonnell about the status and future of the (Calamityville) site.


“There’s a lot of interest and we are looking at some hotels, a conference center and we are looking at additional restaurants and other amenities that can support the site,” McDonnell said.


Those contracts are all on hold pending approval by the Environmental Protection Agency.--

No hotels or restaurants - no recent mention of a convention center (did they finally give up on that pipedream?).  And it's been 7 months since that EPA clearance was received.

It's also been 5 months since the Fairborn Daily Herald reported a WSU takeover of Calamityvlle that still HAS NOT HAPPENED. 

As I said, Deb talks a good game BUT PRODUCES NO RESULTS.  It's like someone I know joked "they will have to bulldoze Skyway Plaza to tell us who almost developed it."  lol.

I wonder where Fairborn would be if we had some leadership?  With Dan and Deb, one thing is certain - we will never know.





The "Citizen Forums" are a JOKE - a 3-part series with the painful truth


I apologize for the length of this article, but I suffered through a so-called “Citizen Forum” Monday night, so I feel entitled to whine.  -- or is that wine?  Both, actually!   


I had planned to do a series of articles on the “Citizen Forums” - with the first two installments discussing life before I attended one - and the last after I did so.  But I had to put my thoughts about this evening - MY first time attending a “citizen forum” - at the forefront.  The other parts of this series - the bulk of which was written a couple weeks ago - are parts II and III below.  


So---After MY first Fairborn “Citizens’ Forum” (the third one held).  I concluded that these meetings have NO relevance to average citizens here.  Among the problems I observed:


*The Mayor said the meetings would welcome those uncomfortable at Council meetings because of scary microphones and television coverage.  Okay...but then El Chupacabra!  The heretofore-missing-and-presumed-fictional city "Public Relations" gal walks around taking pictures of forum attendees?  So- let's get this straight - we are supposed to fear the live, unedited meetings where there is a record of what occurs but be fine with being photographed for some unknown purpose?  Creepy.  A Councilman lurking behind my seat when there are open chairs available?  Creepier.  The late-arriving City Manager looming over the only exit like a gargoyle having a bad hair day?  Hands-down creepiest! 



*The Mayor was very excited about the turn-out.  I estimated about 45 people there.  But that is only if you counted the 7 Council members and other elected officials (past and present); city employees, the below-mentioned ministers; the dyed-in-the-wool sycophants (including the Zimmer Drive gang); and the spouses of all the above.  Take those people out and you wouldn’t need two hands to count what’s left.


*After claiming that the planned hour-long meeting would be citizen-directed, the first 45 minutes was actually taken up by the Mayor and another elected official (Tess Little of the Board of Education) discussing THEIR thoughts about the need for a community center.  I guess they didn’t get the memo about how the last one worked out?  Well, they even had a slideshow of a “faith-based” center in Dayton that they previously toured.  Several ministers were on hand.  But when I asked why the government was hosting meetings about “faith-based” programs, they had no meaningful answer except “well, it doesn’t HAVE to be faith-based.”  Then why were they discussing it endlessly?  And what is the alternative because I surely don't want the Council offering to pay for it!




And when I asked the Mayor what involvement the City of Dayton had in the faith-based center they toured - the answer was a resounding “none whatsoever.”  Golly, would that be because the City of Dayton doesn’t get involved in quasi-religious organizations?  Seems like a pretty good policy to me!  God Bless the people who want to create and volunteer at a community center as an expression of their faith.  But leave the government OUT OF IT.  I said a long time ago that a certain “Reverend” was calling the shots with this city “leadership” and this is just more proof!  This is no "citizens forum" it is mere "Soup Kitchen Planning."




*They moved to quash my concerns (the government dabbling in religion and the lack of an actual citizen involvement in this “citizen forum!) by assigning the “community center needs assessment” to a committee.  Oh goodie.  Committees.    Better yet - committees who are given tasks that are WAAAYYY above their pay grade.  Wonder how that will turn out?  lol.  See Part II and III below for my thoughts on this “Revitalization Regurgitated” plan.  Bring Tums.  It still burns coming up.



*Why are they comparing the City of Fairborn (with 32,000 residents) to the City of Dayton with over 181,000 in the city limits and another 700K or so in the greater metropolitan area?


 *I will give you another clue as to how far out of control the Council "leadership" was at this meeting.  Rev. "Social Justice" actually stepped up and said they were going in too many directions, trying to make too many plans at once, and suggested they first decide on ONE service to provide - provide that well - and then consider expanding.  A rare moment of common sense.  I guess he didn't get the memo that this is all about creating some mega-useless-costly center that they can all take credit for!



  *When I expressed concerns that the citizens had no role in this forum, the Mayor snapped at me (paraphrasing--mainly because I was too busy silently laughing to take dictation) that --the citizens who attended the first two meetings WANTED to discuss this community center idea.  Well, there you have it folks - the people who attended the first two meetings get to decide what citizens “want to discuss” - a) whether they attend future meetings or not and b) even if citizens who do attend future meetings would like to discuss other issues.  Evidently, the die has been cast.  SO WHY BOTHER TO ATTEND??  Was this merely poor little Dan-Dan scrambling to somehow “insult” me for not attending the first two meetings?  Well, they AREN’T MANDATORY, DAN - I don’t work for you (and neither does anyone else!) - and you even said how it was 1 degree outside the night of the first meeting!  ABSURD.




*When Dan asked all the “citizens” who allegedly “wanted” to discuss the non-faith-based community center who among them would volunteer for their exciting committee - only 4 agreed (most only when put on the spot)- two ministers, one of whom spoke about (the leftist concept of) “social justice”(yikes!), one former Councilman and some motorcycle guy the city is making feel special before he figures out what they are really about and administers some social justice.  Lol.




*Former Councilman Fred Pumroy mumbled something about how the old Fairborn Community Center was entirely funded by the former Director’s father.  Really?  Well, alert the IRS, Fred, because the 2010 tax return they filed said “all” support was “public support” and that they qualified for charity status because they were “an organization that normally receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or public support.”  So which is it?




*When my friend asked about the city’s efforts to retain existing businesses - the City Manager was - as always - quick with an answer.  She says a lot but never accomplishes much.  She blabbed on and on about this fabulous program where they work with businesses to ensure their future needs can be met here.  Wow.  That gal could sell teats to a boar.  How did that great program work out for the Wright-Patt Credit Union, Ms. McDonnell?  Don’t you sit on their Board of Directors too?  How in the blazes did you “miss” the fact that they planned to abandon Fairborn?  You should have been shown the door based on this devastating example alone!




*When someone brought up the poor condition of so many business signs in Fairborn, the Mayor said “oh, those are private property” as if the building Codes don’t apply to them!  Does he really believe the city can come along and spray paint every sidewalk crack and force residents to repair those but can’t enforce the sign code for privately-owned businesses?  Indeed, the Fairborn Codified Ordinances Chapter on Signs states (1174.01a)  “This Chapter provides standards for the erection, use and maintenance of all PRIVATELY-OWNED SIGNS.  Again - time for Civics 101.




*Finally, my favorite part of the meeting was when the Mayor said something about how citizens at previous meetings had complained that the town looked trashy.  I leaned over and nudged my friend and whispered “watch - he will tell us to clean it up.”  Sure enough, he directed the audience to the information about the “Adopt-A-Highway” program!  Come on, peasants!  Quietly pay your taxes and then go do THEIR work for them too!  What do you expect around here?  Quality services?




Save your Monday evenings and stay at home and watch ten-year-old slides on Channel 6.  I hear the Primary School kids’ musical “Spaced Out” wowed audiences.  Herbert Hoover loved it.   


Part II - “Those who can’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  ----George Santayana


Remember the citizen’s “revitalization committees” that never accomplished anything because they were over-run by city staff and their agendas?  Like countless other city-led “citizen groups,” they dissolved away leaving only the faint odor of sulphur that lingers in the wake of sycophants.  After all, those robots don’t need a committee to do their bidding - they will carry water on cue.  But the citizens who really care about Fairborn and have meaningful ideas to improve it will inevitably tire of being in their presence.  This cycle has been going on since I can recall - the city pretends a group is citizen-focused, but they just can’t help trying to convert it for their own purposes.  lol - I wrote this about two weeks ago - that Long Island Medium has nothing on me! 


Is it ego?  Hunger for power?  A misguided definition of “leadership”?  Amnesia?  I don’t know - but they do it over and over again and it always ends the same way.  Isn’t that the very definition of insanity?    


Now comes the Mayor - who has decided to hold his own “citizen forums” on the fourth Monday of each month at locations around the city other than the Council chambers.  The idea may have sounded promising when he announced these meetings as an “informal” way to “hear what your issues, concerns, and more importantly, your suggestions are.”  He almost seemed to get it when he said “we can’t fix the problems if we don’t know what they are.”  Well… not so fast.  If you listened carefully, you could also hear the warning bells that this would be nothing more than “revitalization committees rehashed” when he said “the first couple meetings will be brain-storming sessions.”  Okay….well….then what?  By the last council meeting, a hint leaked out when Kirkpatrick said there are “some great projects that that group is working on.”  Oh, goodie - “projects.”  So citizens are NOT merely asking questions and “speaking their mind,” but being lured into doing “projects” for them! Basically the Mayor dusted off the failed “revitalization” premise and renamed it so he can try to take credit for it (in the unlikely event it bears any fruit).     


Yawn.  Anyone want to set a timer for how long this “Revitalization Jr.” plan will take to “dissolve”?  Anyone want to bet how many of the “citizens” who attend these meetings are the same folks who were “chairs” or errand-boys on the doomed Revitalization committees last time around?  I feel confident that if you deducted the city employees and sycophants from the attendance figures, not a handful of regular citizens have been able to endure even two of these meetings! 


To be fair, I haven’t had an opportunity to attend a meeting. 


Of course, I haven’t had projectile vomiting either - and yet-- I am pretty sure it isn’t any fun!


As evidence of this theory, I look to the meeting minutes.  If you want to be thoroughly entertained, I urge you to do the same.  You can find them by going to the city’s website at and look to the blue column on the left and hit the tab entitled “Citizen Forum Summary.”  Go do that and then come back for Part II below….


Part II I- “The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.”


-Albert Camus


 Many Fairbornites have been concerned about the direction this city “regime” has been taking.  Some - like me - characterize it as a desire to become NOT the “city of choice” in the region, but the “soup kitchen” of the region.  I believe this is rooted in the fact that a certain “Reverend” (using the term most loosely) controls the majority of elected leaders in this town.  In fact, he has boasted about this very fact to the media.  He clearly believes that the way to enrich his own power base is to convert Fairborn into nothing more than a slum.  After all, it is usually easy to maintain control wherever people are oppressed.  And one surefire way to oppress people is to make them so comfortable in laziness that they never strive to better themselves.     


Of course every town should have room for both the rich and the poor, with most falling somewhere in-between.    A healthy and vibrant city depends on a healthy and vibrant mix.  But the “leadership” in Fairborn has been so focused on accommodating the poor that the others are leaving.       


 On Fairbornspeaks, I previously wrote:   “When I saw the poverty statistics from the Ohio Department of Education - showing that we went from about 5% in 2006 to over 48% in 2010 - in just 4 years, I was reminded again just how TREACHEROUS the Soup Kitchen Party has been to Fairborn!  From closing our neighborhood schools to closing 444, they have decimated our city.  We should run them out of town on a rail, but we probably won’t have one of those much longer either!”


Now consider the meeting minutes of the first “Citizens Forum” held in January.  The “citizens” on hand were allegedly champing at the bit to discuss the need for a community social service center, homeless shelter, and various services to make our Soup Kitchen conversion complete.  Conveniently, there is no video or audio proof of this and no record of which “citizen” brought it up.  But I would put good money that it was a bigger plant(s) than Audrey II from “Little Shop of Horrors,” though I doubt he/she/they had the same wry wit!  Citizens were also apparently eager to discuss “adopt-a-Highway,” school funding, and assorted topics that I NEVER hear citizens discuss in the real world.  What was MISSING from the minutes?  Why ANY criticism of this town’s lousy leadership or profound FAILURES.  Nudge, nudge, wink, wink as the old Monty Python skit went.


Now review the meeting minutes of the February meeting.  Even funnier.  Now these “citizens” are concerning themselves with ensuring that we have a paid director for the new social service program?  AS IF!  One must ask - which one of their sycophants are they trying to concoct some fat-paying job for?


I am surprised they weren’t clamoring for big neon signs saying “city of choice” (oh, crap, I hope I haven’t given Dan an idea - lol!).  What could be a more ridiculous motto?  Choice for what?  A nuclear testing site?  Zombie Apocalypse?  Looks like one around here!  Especially Dan’s employer - the LEASEE Wright State - who still has NOT taken ownership of Calamityville!  Well, to be fair, Dan won’t take ownership of his mistakes either!


Then they apparently took the time to list off which restaurants they wish would come to town? This is UTTER NONSENSE.  If Dan-O and company don’t know that, then shame on them!  If they do and they are doing it anyway, then shame on them!  Corporations make location choices based on their own formulas that weigh various factors from market saturation to area success.  And I can promise you one of the top factors is MEDIAN INCOME.  So stop trying to recruit more impoverished people to keep driving ours down!  Another thing I can promise you is that a bunch of old farts sitting around “wishing” ISN’T one of the factors that these businesses use to determine where to put a new restaurant!  There is an old country saying - wish in one hand and sh&# in the other and see which fills up first.”  WTF - Welcome to Fairborn.


Again, what is noticeably lacking in these minutes is ANY criticism of the way things are going.  Well, that’s no shocker.  While this regime pays lip service to idea of “listening to your concerns” and “wanting your ideas” to improve things - well, just try to offer a criticism or make a suggestion.  They will circle you like a gam of sharks and begin their standard routine -- it goes like this:  a) deny the existence of the problem or pretend they are powerless to intervene; b) pretend they already corrected the problem; c) blame the messenger; d) change the subject.  This is ALL they know how to do.  Deb McDonnell has spun herself a six-figure-paying, car-allowance, long-term-guaranteed CAREER doing nothing more than this!  I have NEVER -- and I mean this from the bottom of my heart - EVER seen them say “you know what - you’re right.  We have failed miserably at doing “x” and we are going to fix that by (specific plan).  NEVER.  And that is precisely why Fairborn just gets worse and worse.


Finally, I want to say thanks to all those who continue to read Fairbornspeaks and encourage me to post my thoughts here.  I wish I had the time to open up the Message Board, but in many ways, I like the fact that nameless cowards can’t fire back.  If they want to comment now, they have to put on their big girl panties and identify themselves!  Take care, folks.   







The "state of the City"?  Deva-state(d):

At the last Council meeting, Mayor Dan gave his riveting “State of the City” address.  Oratory fireworks?  More like “Buehler?  Buehler?”  So, was it more substance over style?  Well, consider the following:


*Dan is so proud of the little motto he created about making Fairborn the “city of choice.”  Someone told him it was catchy.  Someone very dishonest!   As a motto, it is contrived, amateurish, and far, far too easily mocked:


Fairborn - City of Choice - We have Meth, Heroin and Crack!


Fairborn - City of Choice - Pro-Choice- because most of these people shouldn’t reproduce!


Fairborn - City of Choice - We choose Beavercreek!


And so on….drop the “motto,” Dan - I liked “WTF-Welcome to Fairborn” better!


*He touted the economic development accomplishments of the city.  Specifically, he mentioned two companies that hired a few additional workers.  Strangely, he omitted the loss of the Wright-Patt Credit Union headquarters and the HUNDREDS of jobs there!  He boasted about the “interactive” website for the Fairborn Development Corporation.  That “interaction” will take about 10 minutes because there are only 6 available buildings and another 7 lots.  I seem to recall we paid about $30,000 for this website.  LOL.


*He claimed we had a “6.8%” reduction in both violent and property crimes between 2012 and 2013.  Sure, Dan, if you assume that all crimes are equal.  We had a 20% reduction in identity theft.  And we had a 36.8% increase in Rape.  Is he equating the two?  Indeed, the only way we got to a “reduction” in violent crime was a “33.3%” decrease in homicides (going from 3 in 2012 to 2 in 2013), a “15%” reduction in Aggravated Assault (going from 20 in 2012 to 17 in 2013) and a 15% drop in Domestic Violence (going from 214 in 2014 to 182 in 2013 - the ONLY meaningful statistic in the bunch!).  Another meaningful stat left out was the staggering 39.3% increase in drug offenses/arrests, representing 95 more cases than the previous year!  Anyone who thinks violent and property crimes are actually decreasing -while drug offenses are on the rapid incline- is a FOOL.  The sad fact is that more and more people aren’t even bothering to report incidents.  I heard about an entire street where cars were damaged and had items stolen and NO ONE wanted to call police. 


So, statistics aside, we see a scary atmosphere in Fairborn.  I was driving up Maple the other day in broad daylight (nearing 5 pts.)  and a man came running full-steam down the center of the busy street.  As I tried to determine what was going on, I noticed another man chasing after him, arm outstretched.  I couldn’t tell if he was holding a weapon or merely pointing and I didn’t stick around to find out either!  I turned into a business parking lot.  I could see the second man abandon the chase and head back toward the Speedway station.  I don’t know if he was an employee chasing a shoplifter or what - but this kind of thing never used to happen in Fairborn!  Just yesterday there was a drug bust on Goodman - with cruisers and tactical units galore.  WTF - Welcome to Fairborn.


*The mayor said that Soin has reduced EMS call times by about 65%.  But ambulance bills remain astronomical and among the highest in the region, right?


*The mayor claimed that driving conditions along the Dayton-Yellow Springs corridor are “greatly improved.”  HUH?  When was the last time he drove there?  At the 675 overpass, the street is a mess with concrete chunks from the median crumbling into the lanes!  The not-that-old paving job along much of the street is cracking.  Entrance/exit ramps to I-675 are a disgrace at EVERY Fairborn intersection!  Later on in this Council meeting, the City-Engineer-Wannabe said the Maple Avenue overpass was in good shape too!  LOL!  That is such a mess, it is barely drivable!  Hang on tight when you try to make a right turn onto Dayton Drive - you could lose a tooth!   Of course, Dan wanted the public to know that the Engineering Department evaluated streets and ranked them for repairs.  Gee, I wonder why Dan doesn’t want to simply POST THIS REPORT ON THE CIY’S WEBSITE??  It’s a safe bet that it’s laughably flawed.   


*The Mayor stressed the need to “continue existing levies.”  If you have enough to build two new government palaces, I am pretty sure you can forget about any more levies!  Better have a Plan B.


*The Mayor talked about “revitalizing” Broad Street.  Hey, here’s a thought - find some leadership skills and go negotiate the re-opening of the part that WPAFB STOLE from us!


Not surprisingly, the other Council members had to become arctic seals to create some noise of applause in the room.  That seemed to wake up the remainder of the audience.  ZZZZ.     


Psycho-balls!  Soft balls!  Great balls of unnecessary spending!


The city voted at the last Council meeting to spend $75,000 on new fencing for the Fairfield softball diamonds.  But that was a mere drop in the bucket.  They are hoping to get a $300,000 grant from the state so they can match it with another $300,000 of OUR MONEY to move the entrance of that softball park in some bizarre plan to "increase traffic" on Broad Street.  


There was some UNSOURCED claim that the softball tournaments generate $1 million in revenue for Fairborn.  Really?  Then why are most of the nearby businesses ABANDONED??


Remember when they tried to tell us that new pavement, mismatched pavers and curbs that jut into traffic would increase traffic downtown?  Same crazy, misguided, ain't-worked-yet McDonnell "philosophy" driving this one.  Well, you gotta give her credit - it takes a lot of......


On December 3 of 2013, newly-sworn Mayor Kirkpatrick talked about citizens being "justifiably concerned about the fiscal strength of the city."  He said we "certainly" need to be "wise" and "careful" in our spending.  Hmmmm....


I just read that the city is mulling over a plan to build a $9.5 million "public works" building to include Water, Sewer, Streets/Equipment and Parks.  We "need" this for "improved efficiency."  Golly, Hizzoner, owning a Porsche would improve my driving efficiency too! 


Then last Monday, Council met to discuss the possibility of spending between $5.3 million and $6.2 million to build a new Municipal Court facility.  Turns out we "need" this because so many imaginary developers are interested in the Skyway Plaza that we'd better hurry and make way for them!  It's the "if we build it they will come" theory.  Want to know how that works out?  Just check out the miles of endless curbs, sidewalks and turn lanes to the forest on Commerce Center.  Shucks, sometimes when you build it - NO ONE comes.  And that has been the plight of Fairborn for at least a decade!  From the "convention center" to the "Menard's" - the Fairborn motto should be "if they built it, we might faint!"


Now I hate to run the risk of awakening Danny from the coma he has evidently been in, but Kauffman is LOSING business after business.  The car wash, Ziebart, etc.  So until you have PROOF that developers are COMMITTED to a project there, you will have to excuse my skepticism!  I just heard today that Bon-Ton may be leaving and noted that Wagner Subaru is building OUTSIDE the city limits!  How does the city's "development" team convince this Council that we aren't RAPIDLY losing ground?  Are they forced to wear blindfolds while driving through Fairborn? Do they just rattle something shiny in front of them?  (By the depth of their "council comments," I think that would probably work well!)


Now I'm no math whiz, but spending $15 or $16 million on new city buildings in a town with STAGNANT population seems the OPPOSITE of being "wise" and "careful" with our money!


Of course, we have learned to take "May-Her-Majesty- McDonell-have-everything-she-wants-despite-POOR-results" Kirkpatrick with a grain of salt.  He is, after all, the self-proclaimed expert on "civility" who stood silent while a city employee mocked a citizen in a public meeting.  Dan-O, Dan-O, tsk, tsk.  He is also the guy who started "citizen forums" where we were supposed to be free to comment and ask questions on public issues but now....they are working on little "projects" for the city.  A citizens' forum converted to minions for the Council?  I am shocked!  LOL.  And, finally, he is also the guy who promised us QUARTERLY updates on Calamityville and has not held ONE under his watch!    Is SHAM too strong a word for our new leader?  I think not!


We don't need more palaces in a city where the only thing growing is the poverty rate!  We surely don't need a building for a Parks department!  Why not do what Huber Heights - a LARGER city - does and allow the YMCA and a volunteer board manage and care for the parks.  The city doesn't even need to be involved!  It is no surprise that the incompetents on this Council are focused on the wrong thing.  But it's time to demand better!







Haven't been keeping up with much local news, but just read a bit about the teachers' latest heist - er, I mean "contract."  Just so we are all clear - I always said that any "controversy" between the Board of Education and the Teachers' Union was a manufactured HOAX - to detract attention and ensure that the union brats got everything they wanted and more.  Oh, guess what?  The union brats got everything they wanted and more.  Any questions?  The only thing the average citizen in Fairborn can do is to continue to reject their levies every time.  Enough is enough!


Thanks to everyone for the kind messages to my mother who severely broke her ankle in a slip on the ice just outside her home.  She is recovering and doing well. 


A few quick comments on recent Council meetings:


On February 2, citizen Tommy Adkins rose (during a public hearing) to object to the lack of due process on an amendment to Ordinance 4-14, involving a complete change of the financing of an already-approved project.  When he concluded his remarks, Mayor Kirkpatrick asked Finance Director Randy Groves - who presented the amendment to Council - if he wanted to respond to Mr. Adkins.  Mr. Groves smirked and stated “I don’t know that, uh…do you feel a response is necessary?”  If we had ANY leadership in Fairborn, folks, Mr. Groves would have been FIRED on the spot.  This kind of MOCKING and DISRESPECTFUL attitude toward citizens --typical of the top administrators - reflects the ROT that has infected our beloved Fairborn.


One other thing is clear - this Council and top city staff - have ZERO understanding of due process.  They seem to believe that the right to be heard is the full definition of due process.  Well, the right to be heard only matters if the concerns raised in such a hearing are MEANINGFULLY ADDRESSED.  Can ANYONE recall the last time the concerns of a citizen received ANY response other than excuses, delays, and the kind of asinine conduct displayed by Mr. Groves?


For example, at the next council meeting on February 17, a citizen rose to plead for assistance with vicious pit bull dogs roaming her neighborhood.  She stated that she had been to Council before - been assured that something would be done - and faced a full year of the NOTHINGNESS that is our City Manager’s “leadership” capability!  Once again, all she got was “we are trying” and a bunch of other MEANINGLESS excuses.  I would encourage this citizen to review the law at Ohio Revised Code 959.04 - your rights in dealing with trespassing animals - as this might come in handy since it is obvious that you will get no help from the city to protect your family.


Finally, I read the minutes of the first City Council-sponsored Citizen meeting as well as the associated media coverage.  As predicted here - MANY TIMES - this city leadership is doing their level-best to turn us into the region’s SOUP KITCHEN.  They have NO plans for economic growth, to urge the re-opening of 444, to push for WSU to take over Calamityville - or any other sign of hope for our town.  But they do want to discuss building a homeless shelter (please, pretty please, either locate this at the “Church of What’s Happening Now” or ask our City Manager to open the doors to her big $211,000+ house- lol.), “benefit centers” like they have on Keowee Street in Dayton (hey, just what we want to emulate, right?) and even helping people with “car repairs”!  What kind of citizenry are we trying to attract?  Don’t we have more than our fair share of poor already?  They don’t seem to think so!  So, folks, while you get up and foolishly W-O-R-K, your city government is entertaining ways to give people more of your money in the form of government hand-outs!  Imagine what might happen in Fairborn if our government stopped being controlled by some religious zealot and started to focus on the cornerstones of government - police, fire, streets and water?!?!  What a tragedy that we turned over the reins to a mayor who can’t help a citizen with vicious dogs coming into her yard, but wants to turn our town into the Miami Valley’s soup kitchen!  I hate to say I told you so, but……….      


Wanted to say THANKS to the EMS for their outstanding, professional and friendly assistance to my Mother after her recent slip on the ice.  They certainly showed why I have ALWAYS supported the Police and Fire Departments in Fairborn!  I've said it before and I'll say it again - the levies are not enough!  Safety services should be the #1 priority of our City Council for adequate funding! 

Received a call with the question -- whatever happened to the promised repairs on Spangler Road?  Good question.  Anyone know the answer?  You need a Humvee to get down this road!  Why aren't they fixing this to be a good host to I-Supply, one of the few employers left in this town?

Adopt a pothole???  Why not send ODOT some feedback with your thoughts on the MASSIVE potholes on the I-675 entrance and exit ramps around Fairborn?  I did!  Be sure to mention our UTTER LACK OF LOCAL LEADERSHIP too!  Fill out their feedback form at:


Update:  They threw a little tar in the biggest hold on the North Fairfield ramp.  It is already coming back out.  What a mess!


“City of Choice” or “City of Fools”?


Read this to the end- you won’t be disappointed….


I was recently able to watch the complete 12-16-13 City Council meeting.  What a tragic omen for the future of Fairborn:


There were unanimous votes to:  a) spend nearly $40K to get an “Operations Manual” for Water Distribution.  Why can’t every leader in the Water Distribution program simply write their own chapter(s) describing their duties and machinery and then allow the best writer among them to edit it?  That would be FREE and probably more accurate and complete!  Who do Council think understands “water distribution” best - some technical writer or the people who RUN THE EQUIPMENT???  Duh!  b)  spend over $40K to perform a study to inform ODOT that the turn lanes onto I-675 are too short.  Why not just use a couple of the “traffic cameras” you already have all over town to count traffic and provide that data?  That would also be nearly FREE. 


Of course, the answer is that it is YOUR MONEY they are spending and the Council clearly is not concerned in the least with spending it WISELY!  They have made it clear that whatever “staff” (aka City Manager McDonnell and her chief minions like Pete Bales) want, they will get - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  Wouldn’t you kill to know who is getting kickbacks from some of these asinine contracts?    


To cap things off, the MOST staggering WASTE OF MONEY and FAILURE TO ADEQUATELY SUPERVISE in recent memory was brought to light during this meeting as well.  It seems that the City gave a Community Development Block Grant “loan” to a resident on Sports Street to have some windows and carpeting replaced in her home at a cost of $6,680.  Merry Christmas - your government has declared you a winner in the lottery of taxpayer gifts!  What a ridiculous scandal of a program!  I got some new carpet this year.  No one handed me a “grant.”  Did they offer YOU one for YOUR home repairs?  Bet not. 


But that isn’t the worst of it, trust me!  The contractor decided to consolidate two windows into one at the Sports Street property by cutting through some siding.  Some asbestos-laced siding!  By handling this in a sloppy manner, the asbestos ALLEGEDLY blew all over the house.  The resident was removed to a “nearby” hotel (which they tried to leave nameless during the Council meeting, but which was the Baymont Inn on 235 according to the Council documents publicly available).  On the bright side, good thing someone is staying there since the hotel still owes over $269,000 in back property taxes!


Okay, so the contractor messed up causing some slight additional expense, right?  HAHAHAHA.  Better strap yourself in!  First they hired a company to determine there was asbestos in the house.  Then they hired “mitigation” specialists.  Then we still had to do the original work.  During all this time, the resident stayed at a HOTEL (although there are short-term studios available at several locations in town, with furnished one-bedroom studios for as low as $499 a month!) PLUS we paid her “food” expenses!  Wait, wouldn’t she have had some food expenses living in her own home?  Ah, silly practical questions!  Her hotel/food tab alone was over $7,000!!!  And what was the total tab for this absolute cluster-f***?  Are you sitting down?  $38,131!!!!   


Now, pop an extra blood pressure pill because this one might do you in….


According to county records, the house in question was purchased by the resident in 2005 for-- drum roll please - a mere $33,000!!


Yes, Virginia, we paid more for this than the PURCHASE price of the house….BEFORE the bottom dropped out of the Fairborn housing market!


Now, now, try to breathe…..


Aren’t you comforted by the fact that guy in charge of this department was fired?  What’s that, you ask?  Who was his boss?  Did this former employee really go THIS “rogue” unnoticed?  Who will be held accountable?  Why weren’t ANY serious questions asked of the City Manager???  Why, she’s Debbie.  No one dares to hold her accountable!  Haven’t you been paying attention?  LOL.


And where are the residents and taxpayers screaming?  Poor old Fairborn.  There you go - getting the government you deserve by your utter complacency!


Finally, on an unrelated note: I am heartened to receive more interest on this page - which I technically closed two months ago -- than other “open” Fairborn sites and Facebook pages receive!  Thanks.  I wish my health would allow me to continue the Message Board and all other components of the site!  At least with this current Council “crew” in charge - we need not worry about a slow and painful death for Fairborn.  These fools will probably finish us off fairly quickly!


P.S. - Wasn’t Chappie Wilson a teacher?  Doesn’t she know that “um” is not a word?  Poor thing, it’s about all she could spit out during her riveting “go see a school play” Council comments!  LOL. 


Fairborn - town of choice?  Nah, but definitely the town where even the Queen of all dingbats can make it to Council!! 


For the New Year...


1)  Has anyone else noticed that when the Fairborn Daily Herald prints the police log, there are frequently "weapons/shots fired" reports noted?  My God, this is becoming a war zone!  And what do our leaders worry about??  "Art in the Park."  If it wasn't so scary, it might be funny!    How about more POLICE officers?  We don't need 20+ parks in this town....but basic safety would be nice!  There is no doubt that our hard-working police and fire/ems should be the FIRST PRIORITY in Fairborn!  Stop spending money on bike paths and other nonsense until we have adequately supported these departments!

2)  The Fairborn entrance/exit ramps along 675 are a NIGHTMARE.  There are such deep potholes on the ramp from North Fairfield, that a car could be thrown out of alignment!  Well, I noticed State Rep. Rick Perales has been turning up all over Fairborn; even endorsing candidates for local office (tacky as that is)! Hmm.... how about these people try to ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING beyond politics?  Get these ramps fixed! 


3)  Finally, thanks to the readers who have continued to check in here even after I closed the Message Board.  I must admit, I am loving the chance to comment without the anonymous cowards on the Message Board having any opportunity to bug me!  Poor little fellas, they must be so mad!!  LOL!


Silent Night....Unholy Site...Why so Long?...Something's Not Right....

Since the project began, Fairborn was promised hundreds of millions in "economic development" from Calamityville.  For two years, skepticism over these promises were featured prominently here on Fairbornspeaks!


Over two years ago, a Calamityville director promised the citizens at a City Council meeting that improving the appearance of the facility -particularly what can be seen from the city of Fairborn -as their top priority.

On July 14, 2013 the Dayton Daily News reported that Wright State University (WSU) is eagerly awaiting clearance from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to take over the Calamityville site on Xenia Drive.  About $4 million in public money has been spent so far to clean this site up for the private company that contaminated it.


In August of 2013, the EPA gives the clearance.


By October 10, 2013, the Fairborn Daily Herald's headline proclaimed "Calamityville Being Turned over to WSU" although there was NO SUCH mention of this during the Council meeting that the article referenced. 


In November of 2013, WSU employee and Calamityville instructor Dan Kirkpatrick won the Fairborn Mayoral seat in a narrow margin in a tough three-way race.  Apparently his costly newspaper ads and church backing won out over the ethical concerns about his frequent votes for projects that benefited his employer.


It is now almost 2014.  Calamityville remains in the ownership of the City of Fairborn according to the Greene County Auditor's GIS records.  It remains the same MESS it was in the 2012 photo above.  The media continues to FAIL US and never bothered to correct the FALSE claim that a WSU take-over was imminent.  The City Manager who championed this disaster is still employed here.  The first Mayor to do so (Joan Dautel) has also wormed her way back onto a powerful city Board.  But worst of all, the people of Fairborn refuse to STAND UP AND DEMAND ANSWERS.  What a shame