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“Giants are not what we think they are. The same qualities that appear to give them strength are often the sources of great weakness.”
Malcolm Gladwell

Brand New!  Update to Calamityville report.  Just days after reopening this website and posting the Calamityville report, WSU contacted me.  They claim to own the LLC which owns the property, but refused to provide additional records!  A public records request has been filed through both the University and the City of Fairborn.  Seems simple enough for them to provide the info to back up what they say!  My correspondence is at the link below.  As always, I strive for accuracy - read the correspondence - judge for yourself.

Correspondence between WSU's Gregory Sample and Fairbornspeaks' Karen Combs concerning the ownership of the property known as Calamityville.
Microsoft Word Document [32.3 KB]

Alarming Crime Rates!!

As mentioned here previously, Fairborn has been suffering under our current City Manager and Council “leadership.”  Nowhere is this reflected more starkly than in the crime rates.  

When you see this, it is hard to believe that we have a City Council that spends the bulk of their time focused on piddly projects like cutting down honeysuckle, picking up a bag of trash or painting a few houses.  Dear God, SAVE US! 

If you compare stats, our crime rate is growing TREMENDOUSLY.  Yes, we are fortunate to have an OUTSTANDING police department.  But they can’t possibly keep pace with this….

[Note:Reviewing stats is a tricky thing.  My source was the crime stats on the City of Fairborn’s website. If I did a straight comparison of 2010 and 2014 crime stats, everyone in town would flee! The difference really IS that bad!  But crime fluctuates, so, to be fair, I averaged the rates for 2010 to 2013 and then compared this average to 2014 rates.  To be clear - this method DECREASED the overall changes!]

Comparing average 2010-2013 versus 2014:

Total criminal arrests are up 18%!

Felony filings are up 33% and are nearly twice as high as any other Greene County jurisdiction!

Arrest for Warrants up 27%!

Theft is up 17%!

Rape is up 11%!

Other Sex Offenses up 25%!

Comparing First Quarter averages for 2012-2014 versus 2015:

Drug Activity is up 85%!!

ID Theft is up 130%!

Total crimes are up 28%!!

Other highlights of first quarter report for 2015:

Drug Activity - 192 reports!

Weapons/shots fired 21!

While THIS is happening, the Council wants to annex more land for Cemex to abuse, and install more bike paths!  Like Nero fiddling while Rome burns!



25 shocking NEW photos under photo tab above!!

This mess (trash including empty tub of bubble gum far left foreground) is at the entrance to our city building.  It was brought up at Council meeting 5/4.  Still looked this way on 5/7.

Our city "leadership"?  The lights are on, but no one's home!

Marty’s Theme (sung to the tune of “All About that Bass) - an ode to pathetic sycophants…

Yeah, it’s pretty clear, she ain’t no size two

She wants good government, like I’m supposed to do

But I’m a lapdog, stay in Council graces

All the blank stares in all the right places

I see them working that “Fairborn’s at the top”

We know that sh## ain’t real,

Come on now, make it stop!

We got soaring crime and empty shops

But every inch of me stays stupid

From the bottom to the top.


Yeah, my Mama she told me don’t worry about your town….

She says Debbie McDoNothing only gonna drag it down

You know I won’t be no smartie and ask where we went so wrong

So if that’s what you’re into

Then go ahead and move along


Because I’m all about her a##,

‘bout her a##,

No issues.

I’m all about her a##,

‘bout her a##,

No issues.


She’s bringing booty back

Better run and tell my Council masters that

I know they use me like a worn-out

Welcome mat

But I’m here to tell you

Every inch of me stays clueless from the bottom to the top.

I still got enough butt for everyone.  But at least I have brains, Kawen H.!!  (That's "bwains" in your native language).  CHEERS!!

The May Mayor's Citizen Forum is set for Monday, May 25 at 7 p.m.  Yes, it IS Memorial Day and yes, it is ironic to watch a Council that always tells us to "remember the troops"hold a meeting on the federal holiday set aside to do just that! This month, the meeting will be held at Abiding Christ Lutheran Church (the conference room in hell itself already booked?), 326 E. Dayton Yellow Springs Road.


The main topic will be follow-up on previously-discussed issues -but citizens can bring up other issues too.  This follow-up was suggested by me because most of the issues raised at these meetings seem to fall into the black hole of the city (perhaps not Deb herself, but the force field around her, haha), and real answers are never forthcoming. 


Here is the list of some issues from each month's meeting which I took from previous meeting minutes available on the city's website.  This was distributed at the last forum.  Let's get some answers for a change!  

If you attended any of the citizen forums and your question(s) weren't answered, be sure to come and ask them at this meeting set aside for follow-up!!


I've had several inquiries, but there are no current plans to reopen the Message Board here.  There is, however, an opportunity to chat about Fairborn issues on the facebook page of the Citizens for Fairborn's Future.  So check it out!

Although I offered to help this group keep their page current and "hopping," (and boy, it has been!) I am NOT a member of the CFFF nor do they necessarily endorse my comments (and vice versa)! 


Thanks for your patience!  Not gonna let a few technical problems keep Fairborn from seeing this report!  I loaded it page by page as photo files.  The best I could do under the circumstances! If you would like a pdf or word version, email me at klynncombs@yahoo.com and I'll send e-mail the version you specify back to you! 



Calamity Jane had a hive full of honey,                          but Calamity Deb has a pot of YOUR money!