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Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight


till it be morrow."


-William Shakespeare

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Comments: 225
  • #225

    Feet (Tuesday, 12 November 2013 21:46)

    Thank you for doing an amazing job of informing Fairborn of the truth; whether good or bad.

  • #224

    Poor Senior (Tuesday, 12 November 2013 18:51)

    Thanks Karen for all you've done!

  • #223

    S Gullion (Tuesday, 12 November 2013 17:26)

    Thank you for all your time and effort making this an informative and educational site! We have lived in Fairborn for almost 10 years and really love the people and especially their children!

  • #222

    INFO (Tuesday, 12 November 2013 09:28)

    The Ohio School Boards Leadership Council's annual conference is November 16 in Columbus. This group is led by the Springboro BOE member who turned their district around! The day of workshops and lunch is $50 - add dinner for $25. Registration IS open to the public. Go to for further info.

  • #221

    Feet (Monday, 11 November 2013 20:42)

    The teachers are going to picket the Primary School from 3:30pm until 5PM on Thursday. I thought they were complaining that they didn't have time to get their work done but they are going to spend an hour and a half picketing? Puhleaze.

  • #220

    Karen Combs (Friday, 08 November 2013 11:42)

    Cryoboy - can you contact me via the "contact" tab above? You can use a secondary e-mail account or whatever you'd like. I will not reveal your identity, I just wanted to share a couple thoughts with you. Thanks.

  • #219

    Frank Gilbert (Thursday, 07 November 2013 22:07)

    In an effort to keep our town from looking any trashier, I'd like to ask folks if you happen to see one of my signs around, please let me know. Somehow A bunch of signs went missing from places they were posted. You can reach me on facebook or give me a call at 830-4940.
    Had some new visitors at last Monday nights council meeting. Good to see new faces and what we need a lot more of.
    Don't forget, second Thursday of the Month is BOE meeting night.

  • #218

    cryoboy (Thursday, 07 November 2013 18:51)

    Well i wondered about the good people of Fairborn, as to who they would vote for or not and i agree that Fairborn is headed down hill now possibly for good. I talked before about the good people of Fairborn what if we together marched in protest on the City manager , the mayor and city council in protest over the city manager's treatment and behavior towards the people of Fairborn. I have even run a test out side of Ohio, in Tenn, W.Va., Virginia, and Kentucky if those people would come and join our protest against the Fairborn Council and Manager. Well to say the least, it has been fantastic. Through friends, family, friends of family and much more, the response has been great. My questions now are to the Fairborn people, are you willing to march against the city manager and council hand in hand demanding her dismissal or firing???? Is it worth my time to put together such a large protest, not just a few or a hundred, but a thousand strong……. Your response …….. My brother you fought a good fight for city council...

  • #217

    dave criner (Thursday, 07 November 2013 12:53)

    I want to thank everyone who voted in this election. you all rock. I personally have serious doubts about where our city is going, but the votes were cast. I especially want to thank all of you who voted for me. I really appreciate it.. there is always next time....and thank all of you for the kind words and encouragement.

  • #216

    Janice (Thursday, 07 November 2013 10:43)

    Back late last night from my fall break in the beautiful Smokies and just devastated by all the news!

    Thanks to a split vote, the WORST mayoral candidate managed to clench victory from the jaws of defeat. That’s awful. The opposition needs to get better organized.

    Worse yet (maybe?), people actually voted for Donna Wilson? They must have just thought “I’ll vote for the woman candidate” because they couldn’t possibly have known her and voter for her! The good news is they will only need 6 seats for Council meetings because she will want to sit on Deb’s lap!

    Worse yet, Dave and Frank lost.

    But worst of all, no more Fairbornspeaks!? That can't be!

    Stick a fork in us, Fairborn is done.

  • #215

    Karen Combs (Thursday, 07 November 2013 09:57)

    P.S. - 432 visitors in a single day yesterday! Chew on THAT!

  • #214

    Karen Combs (Thursday, 07 November 2013 09:55)

    "TS Quint" - Yawn. Whatever makes you sycophants think I will be posting your tripe in my final week? I am keeping this open for election/issue comments ONLY. Your personal opinions of me and my site are IRRELEVANT, particularly to me!

    Assume whatever helps you sleep at night, honey. The fact remains that YOU - using a variety of not-so-creative monikers - keep trying to come on MY website. Now, why would you do that if it no one reads it? Do you talk to yourself at home too? BTW, you obviously don't know too much about how people read/return to websites to reach the conclusions you did. But, then again, I did RETIRE from trying to elevate you single-cell sycophants, so carry on.

  • #213

    Feet (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 22:05)

    Frank Gilbert - don't give up! I voted for you. Lots of people voted for you. We know you were more qualified and should have been on Council but sadly you're not part of the cool kids club.

    Kitty - Take Karen's offer! My spouse and I are going to stick it out until the next election and see if the city can get back on track. Without fairbornspeaks, there's no sane voice at all! You or Shadow should take it!

    Tad Angry - Adkins should have never run in the first place. His home was for sale a few months ago. I have still not heard what his plan was. Was he leaving Fairborn? If so, why? Then all of a sudden there are a ton of blue Adkins signs all over town. What changed to make him stay? He could have easily ran for Council and the Adkins votes would have gone to Wood.

  • #212

    Karen Combs (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 22:03)

    Final concern for the night - can't the Board of Elections do something about their unwieldy election results? Thousands of pages that are mostly blank and all without an INDEX! Ugh!

  • #211

    Karen Combs (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 21:50)

    Frank - Relieved Himself on Fairborn is afraid to use his name because then you would know he/she is just a school teacher who doesn't even live here!

  • #210

    Frank Gilbert (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 21:43)

    Relieved Voter #190
    At least I got up and spoke my mind. Where have you been? Why are you ashamed to use your name? You are a prime example of why Fairborn is going down the tubes. Thank goodness I didn't get your vote.
    By the way, don't look to get rid of me. I will continue to speak for those who did vote for me. And I welcome an introduction any time you have the courage to introduce yourself.

    As I said before people, its going to get worse before it gets better. And that's if we can survive the worse, because now I am beginning to wonder if we can.

  • #209

    Karen B (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 21:33)

    My mom lives near Maplewood Park and her voting location is a church off Old Yellow Springs Road. She votes absentee, so it wasn't a problem for her. Seems like voting in Fairborn is just like going to school in Fairborn. No rhyme or reason!

  • #208

    Karen Combs (Wednesday, 06 November 2013)

    Tad - I said that weeks ago! Agreed!

  • #207

    Tad Angry (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 20:38)

    I'd pay to slap Tommy Adkins and Robert Wood. If one of them had just run for council instead - worked together to run an organized campaign - helped Criner - we could've had Wood, Adkins, Criner and Hapner = the majority on Council. What a shame. The best chance we've had in a long time ruined for one reason -ego. Now we are stuck with the preacher's kids - Dopey, Dippy, Dorky, and Cletus.

  • #206

    Danger Combs (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 20:23)

    TJ - gotta pay off the little propaganda - I mean "campaign literature" - walkers. I knew they were all sycophants, but I had no idea they were cannibals!

  • #205

    Karen Combs (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 20:21)

    I've heard some very disturbing complaints about Old Yellow Springs Road being closed and voters having to take a very long detour to the polling place. Can anyone out there comment on this?

  • #204

    TJ (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 19:54)

    Just saw on Facebook that Kirkpatrick donated a pulled pork, complete meal, to 65 people at Fourman's church. Apparently he has money to throw away. Just think if he would donate that money to needs in Fairborn, he would get our city off to a good start. This kind of political crap is what makes me sick!!!

  • #203

    Danger Combs (Wednesday, 06 November 2013)

    JD - you know I can't post that, but I would like to ask -is that the same door that hit you in the face (repeatedly)? Yes, I think it is - I can see your lip prints on it. So, your destiny has finally come, JD - your purpose in life fulfilled - just as I close fairbornspeaks, you will once again be kissing my ... !! LOL.

  • #202

    Karen Combs (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 18:48)

    Go get em' Ms. Fairchild! I would LOVE to give you Fairbornspeaks, if you want it! Just let me know!

    Ah, "Get Real," you think we need to go to Beavercreek for Wi-Fi? Lol. We actually still have it in a few places in Fairborn too!

    Of course, as delightful as it sounds to meet someone who won't identify him/herself and threatens to bring an unknown quantity of fellow thugs along - I think I'll pass. And use your laptop to enter my password-protected site? Gee, no thanks! Instead, I just figured out how to print/scan/post the October 2013 visitor stat page from the website host. Just click the "Featured Article" tab, and the entire chart is printed at the bottom of the articles. You can read it and weep. 5,217 visits and 16,286 page visits! This is the exact chart you would get if we met, so ENJOY!!!

  • #201

    Get Real (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 16:58)

    How about Sunday at Barnes and Noble in Beavercreek at 4:00 pm. They have places to sit and Wifi. I'll bring my laptop...I'll even show you HOW to do a screen shot. You down? I think I know a number of people who'd like to come and meet you as well! :) Let me know!

  • #200

    Kitty Fairchild (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 16:16)

    Mayoral race.....Am I disgusted? TOTALLY..Am I sad? VERY..Am I defeated? NOT ON YOUR LIFE....I will be a thorn in the side of this administration from this day forward if things do not take a turn for the better....You may want to silence me and those of us who actually wanted someone with Christian values and backbone to run our city but that's NOT the way this race has turned out....Sadly,I believe that with Kirkpatrick as mayor and Wilson on the council our fair city,already on life support could very well succumb to this administration...but it will not go down without a fight from the citizens who truely love this community and want what's best for it..watching and hearing how this race was won leaves me very little hope of this city having a chance to bounce back..perhaps had someone else besides a McDonnell puppit won we could have seen some things turn around..but I,as well, as many others who want to see this town prosper will continue to fight for what we believe in..Ms.McDonnel and her little merry puppits are no doubt feeling very victorius but don't count us out..we're still here,we're still vocal and we are NOT going away!!

  • #199

    Danger Combs (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 15:23)

    Flipping through channels and today's "Paranormal Witness" episode takes place in Lake Saranac, New York. In Fairborn, we already know some SCARY sh** comes out of THAT PLACE!!! Call an Exorcist!!! LOL.

  • #198

    Jim Caudill (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 13:28)

    I guess I have to report that after further investigation, there are 2 parcels with the same 3915 St Route 235 address. The second parcel does, indeed, have a house located on it. It is about 4 acres with a tax bill of around $2,300.

    The property owners are listed as Jeffrey L & Jeri A Dysinger who reside at 2342 S Union Rd in Medway. Perhaps this is a rental property or where they let some family member live. In any case, it is like me using one of my 3 Fairborn rental units to claim residency. You either reside at that address or you don't. Where is her voter registration? How do you vote if you have one address on your driver's license and another on your voter registration? I don't think I would have been allowed to vote if my name and address were different between my driver's license and the voter registration records.

  • #197

    Karen Combs (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 13:03)

    "Fairborn Voter" - Yawn. My delete button loves you!

    I look forward to seeing how much was spent on the DAILY newspaper ads by Kirkpatrick! And how many of those people passing out their padded resumes, I mean, "campaign literature" were even from Fairborn? Bet most of them weren't!

    You are a special kind of naïve if you think thousands vote in these elections and so many just happen to come down to a handful of votes and ALL of those go in "their" favor! Then again, you also seem to put stock in campaign finance reports. LOL.

    The cult in question does FAR more harm than good in this community and it's leader is an egomaniac! The fact that you defend it tells me you wash your communion wafer down with CPM Kool-Aid! Yummy!

    I am a Christian, thank you. I just don't mix my religion with my politics. People who USE their "faith" for political purposes are proof there is evil in the world!

    You want to turn Fairborn into a slum. You are well on your way. Everything and everyone who is good here is LEAVING. You and your cronies will be left with nothing but your STONE SOUP! Don't come crying to me when you choke on it! It has only two ingredients CHICKEN BONES and BROKEN PROMISES.

  • #196

    Karen Combs (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 12:53)

    Some more interesting stats:
    Fewer than half the registered voters showed up to Fairborn polls yesterday. Fewer than half of those who did even bothered to vote in the mayoral election!

    Tommy Adkins won the majority of precincts - 10 (plus 1 tie with Kirkpatrick). Kirkpatrick won only 8 (plus the tie with Adkins) and Wood only 7.

  • #195

    Karen Combs (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 11:31)

    Did everyone see where Springboro requested a REDUCED renewal school levy last night? They were among a rare few that passed!

  • #194

    Karen Combs (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 11:01)

    "Relieved Yourself on Fairborn" - So you supported the FAKE who said she was a lifelong resident when she wasn't? You chose someone who is a defendant in a foreclosure case to manage tens of million$? You pick a gal who thinks a contract is more important than the state report card and thinks teachers should be allowed to double-dip? You don't worry that she "cares so much" about FCS, but not enough to even go to the polls for their last levy attempt? LOL. You can really pick 'em!

    And don't even get me started on Andy "Shakiest Mic in the West" Wilson!! They had better have some Depends and a defibrillator handy when McWhorter and crew show up!! You know he and Mrs. Kravitz dodged the Candidates' Night forum because neither one of them can speak intelligently on ANY issue! Now, if you want someone to shake and twitch through a speech about a magazine article about choo-choo trains, well, Andy is your man!

    No one said Frank was perfect, but he has been attending meetings FOR YEARS, listening to all the issues, is FRIENDLY and could run CIRCLES AROUND Jeri Ann Copenhefer Dysinger Luce Beaverhausen and Andy "don't taze me bro!" Wilson! The only people who could POSSIBLY support these two are teacher union thugs. It is a safe bet you are one!

  • #193

    Karen B. (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 10:56)

    I sure hope Chapstick Wilson invests in a clothes iron before she joins the Council on camera. Anytime I have seen her speak in public, she looks like she just climbed out of her laundry basket.

  • #192

    Frank Gilbert (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 10:46)

    As ( I think it was) Bob Hope was fond of singing, "Thanks for the memories". You have given an alternative voice to the citizens of Fairborn. It will be missed. Some of us will continue the struggle despite the odds.

  • #191

    EDE1 (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 10:45)

    What will we do without Fairbornspeaks? There will be no place to find any REAL info about the city and schools! Shadow - can't you take it over?

    I blame the Fairborn Daily Herald for getting Kirkpatrick elected by having a big FALSE headline about Wright State taking over Calamityville when that has never happened! Do they ever plan to print a retraction/correction? Saw in there today that Donna Wilson (Karen calls her Chapstick but I think DIPSTICK is more like it!) says Fairborn will be a college town. No one asked any follow-up questions. Yoo-hoo! WSU has been there since the mid-1960's!! If that was going to happen, what's been taking so long? As for "unique restaurants," where are we going to put those? Next to the costume shops or abandoned storefronts? Lady, get a grip.

  • #190

    Relieved voter (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 10:35)

    Karen, you are a very intelligent woman. Which is why I could never understand your support of Gilbert. Yes, he spoke at meetings, but half of his comments were asinine. When I saw he was in second place last night I began considering homeschooling my kids because of the fear I had of what a man as ignorant as he is could do to our schools.

  • #189

    Karen Combs (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 10:09)

    If you want to know what it will be like for citizens with LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS under Danny Kirkpatrick's reign, here is a good sample - this was posted on his Facebook page five days after I asked the question:

    "I've been asked to clarify an issue about political signs. As Ordinance Chapter 1174.05 states: "No part of a privately-owned sign shall be located or project within the public right-of-way ..." Ordinance Chapter 1174.13 states: "The following signs, while regulated by this chapter, do not require a permit on the basis that they implement a compelling governmental or community interest in protecting the health and safety of persons and property within the city: Item (l) Political signs. To interpret the ordinance: political signs cannot be placed in public right-of-ways and they do not require a permit. I hope this clarifies the question that was raised."

    No, Dan, NOT EVEN CLOSE. You see, where you cut off 1174.05, by pure coincidence, I am sure, was where it states UNLESS BY....PERMIT. And then 1174.13 states that political signs DO NOT REQUIRE a permit! That was THE ENTIRE POINT OF MY QUESTION!! Of course, I can't comment on this on his facebook page since the GESTAPO TACTICS of the city have blocked me for NO REASON WHATSOEVER. This fact, by the way, has been duly reported to Facebook by me! Abusing the "abuse reporting" feature is abuse, dontcha' think?

    Dan has not even been sworn in and already shows he is INCAPABLE of giving a STRAIGHT and HONEST and MEANINGFUL answer!

  • #188

    Karen Combs (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 09:59)

    "Suspicious" - I thought the same thing! Looks like whenever it gets too close for comfort, someone burns a couple ballots!

  • #187

    Suspicious (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 09:18)

    What a co-in-ki-dink - last time around, Criner was in the lead until the eleventh hour and Steininger suddenly won by a handful of votes. Last night, Gilbert was the #2 vote-getter until the eleventh hour and Andy Wilson suddenly wins by 23? Looks like THE FIX IS IN!

  • #186

    Karen Combs (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 09:11)

    What the results REALLY say - Tommy Adkins lost the Mayor's race by a mere 234 votes! Frank Gilbert lost the Board of Education by a mere 23 votes! These are both UNKNOWN candidates who did not throw the kind of money around that the Soup Kitchen Party did! Unfortunately, having a third candidate in the mayoral race caused exactly what I feared - a split vote that allowed the LEAST desirable candidate to win! Had Wood or Adkins simply decided to pursue a Council set instead, the results would have been much different.

    Particularly gratifying was seeing Dave "Slick Willie" Taylor come in FOURTH in the Board of Education results. LOVE IT! Hopefully, he will take that as his cue to SHUT UP permanently!

    Luce should resign immediately as she was caught in an apparent LIE about being a "lifelong resident" here AND it was discovered that she didn't even bother voting in the last school levy election! I sure hope she never asks YOU to vote for one! Face it, she has ZERO CREDIBILITY from jump street.

    So before the Soup Kitchen Party tries to spin this as a "victory," they need to look at REALITY. You bought another election.....barely.

  • #185

    Danger Combs (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 09:04)

    JD and "Get Real" - I thought I made it clear that I AM NOT going to post a bunch of insults against me. Your opinion of me is less than MEANINGLESS. I do think it is hilarious that the two of you wish to attack me and this site - while you both (and, heavens, particularly JD, who made it a full-time hobby and should have been charged an over-use fee!) post here routinely! If no one is reading and no one is influenced by anything posted here, fools, then WHY are YOU trying to write in again? LOL.

    I'm happy to show you the site stats to anyone, anytime- which also break down page hits, browsers, search engines and the like. Let me know when and where (public location) you'd like to meet. Oh, wait - you can't do that because you are a big coward, right?

    I will simply say this:
    The tragic election results prove one thing - all it takes to win in Fairborn is to throw a lot of money at an election (oh, and having an army of cult volunteers, many of whom don't even live here, helps too!). Take the two people elected to the Board of Education - neither even attended BOE meetings! Now, that is the kind of Fairborn that the two of you deserve to live in, but it really isn't where people of quality care to reside!

    I've been planning to shut the site down for quite a while and finally "pulled the trigger" yesterday BEFORE the elections because the outcome played NO ROLE in my decision. Face it, even if the competent candidates had won, they would still be far outnumbered by the idiots already serving! Now Fairborn has unwittingly elected a slate that all serves the same master to join two others that do too. There isn't a bad idea that this crew won't rubberstamp! Jim Hapner is the lone hope, poor guy.

  • #184

    Patrick Craig (Wednesday, 06 November 2013)

    I share your frustration, Karen, and agree completely with your conclusions. The only question is, where in this nation is there not hopelessness? After all, it's all a matter of how well you cover up your disaster of a city, county, or state, and for how long. Detroit is unraveling, and many others will follow eventually. To those who would suggest, "if you don't like it here, why don't you move?" I respond, "Where would I go for better?"

  • #183

    Busy (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 05:12)

    Shadow, I am not blaming the kids.

  • #182

    March On (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 04:09)

    You fought a good fight

  • #181

    Feet (Tuesday, 05 November 2013 23:01)

    Sad day in Fairborn.

  • #180

    Karen Combs (Tuesday, 05 November 2013 22:03)

    According to the link "Thank You Karen" provided to the Greene County Board of Elections (thank you!):

    Mayor is Kirkpatrick with just 38.36% of the vote - the vast majority of citizens having NOT supported him. No doubt his imaginary friends will somehow convince him this was a mandate!

    Council: (in order of highest votes): Keller, Hoffman, Wilson. Criner lost. In other words, the only person who actually DESERVED a seat didn't get one!

    Board of Education: Luce and Andrew Wilson (!!) Frank didn't make it either.

    Evidently, it pays to be UTTERLY UNINVOLVED and crawl out of nowhere to run for office here!

    These results confirm EVERYTHING I felt about Fairborn when I got up this morning and posted the article ending Fairbornspeaks. This is a HOPELESS place, controlled by the Church of the Poison Mind, and destined for ruination!

  • #179

    Karen Combs (Tuesday, 05 November 2013 21:50)

    JD - I can't imagine why Frank would worry if he is coming in second in a race where TWO seats are vacant! I guess we will see how the results pan out soon enough!

  • #178

    Jim Caudill (Tuesday, 05 November 2013 21:40)

    How come Jeri A Luce lists her address as 3915 St Route 235 in Fairborn, but the GIS system for Greene county only shows a garage or storage shed at that location? The .4 acre property and building are only valued at around $10,000 and she pays about $160 in property taxes for that address.

    Further, it lists her name and mailing address as Jeri A Dysinger of 2342 S Union Road in Medway. Does she even qualify to run for office in Fairborn?

    What is it with the names (Luce vs Dysinger) and the hokey address business? Doesn't someone have to certify this stuff?

  • #177

    JD (Tuesday, 05 November 2013 21:18)

    You shouldn't worry ole Frank like that Karen. I'm sure he thought he had it sown up. I doubt if the results change much.

  • #176

    Thank You Karen (Tuesday, 05 November 2013 21:08)

    Karen: If you would allow, I would like to post this link to the Greene County Board of Elections unofficial results for everyone. If you go to this page and refresh just about every 5-10 minutes, it will give you the most updated results!